Live Sound Reinforcement

Sound Impression

Our Approach

We prefer to keep things as simple as possible.  Nothing is more frustrating than seeing someone sitting in front of racks and racks of equipment but struggling to get a good sound out of their system.  Sure it's impressive to have lots of shiny toys with all of the most popular logos on them but if you don't know how to use them you have to ask yourself if it was worth the effort of lugging it around from job to job.  We try to keep equipment to a minimum and only use what we need for the job.  This saves us time, as well as less wear and tear to our gear, which saves you money in the long run.

Our Tools

We have tried a long list of gear over the years and have settled in to what we have found works best for us.  We made the leap from the analog world to digital a few years ago.  We always use digital consoles, mix racks and system processors when we can.  There are some digital consoles out there that simply sound sterile and lifeless.  We have been lucky enough to find a solution that retains the warmth of the analog sound while being controlled digitally.

Since we have a good bit of cabinet building experience we have built all of our own sub and array cabinets that we use in our larger systems.  No they don't have a familiar logo on them but once you get past that superficial barrier and actually listen to them you forget all about that little badge.  Rest assured we aren't just sticking some pieces of wood together and calling it a PA cabinet.  We get our designs from Bill Fitzmaurice ( and Tom Danley (, two very respected pro audio designers.  We are an Eminence dealer so we get the pleasure of working with them directly on designs as well.​