Equipment List

This is a short list of equipment that we typically use.  We have other things available upon request if needed


  • Audio Technica
  • Audix
  • Sennheiser
  • Shure

Cables & Snakes

  • Whirlwind cables
  • Whirlwind Medusa drop snakes

Mixing Consoles

  • Allen & Heath digital (FOH)
  • Allen & Heath digital (monitors)
  • Allen & Heath analog (spare)

Speaker Processing

  • Ashly

Power Amplifiers

  • Peavey
  • QSC

Speaker Cabinets

  • Danley LAB horn subs (passive)(large system)
  • BFM DR300 array mid/high (passive)(large system)
  • BFM Titan 48 horn subs (passive)(medium system)
  • BFM Omni Top (passive)(medium system)
  • Electro Voice (active)(small system)
  • Eminence SI bi-amp floor monitors (passive)

Live Sound Reinforcement

Sound Impression